Sunday, August 05, 2007

Vapriikki- VELOMANIA!!!

It wasn't just a good bicycle history exhibit, with lots of cools bikes that ranged from the running machine to modern day miniature tandems, but it put cycling right in the middle of Tampere's history. The museum, Vaprikki, is housed in one of Tampere's many re-used industrial buildings that line the Tampere rapids.
Cycling was transformed from a hobby for the wealthy to a practical form of transportation. At one point, next to skiing, it was the most important form of transportation for the Finnish army.

Bike registration was related to wars, economy, and industry. Since Tampere has been an important industrial center in Finland, perhaps the bicycle played a role in its success! At least that's what I think. There was even bicycle powered logging equipment, used in the paper industry.

There was a bit of a queue to ride this bike. Too bad I couldn't take it outside and ride it around the streets of Tampere!


Tarik Saleh said...

Sweet! I am so stealing all those photos...

How is the coffee there in Finland?

laurita said...

Hi Tarik! Steal away! The coffee in Finland is mmmmoderate. It's nice and strong.

laura.77 said...

hi, i dont know if oyu have a bike out here but im looking to buy one and was wondering when you are leaving tampere and if you would like to sell it to me(if you have one).