Friday, August 10, 2007


I saw both Bobby and mom on this trip! Both sort of random encounters and both very fun!!!If you like bikes, you should go to Copenhagen!
Of course, I had to take a picture of classic Copenhagen! Here it is as we always see it in the pictures:
We visited some old grain silos that had been converted into very expensive and fancy apartment buildings. We were eventually asked to leave, but got some photos first! Rebecca and Libby are architects from the UW, so I got to pick up bits and pieces of architecture trivia (in exchange for diarrheal disease trivia, of course)

Libby and Todd just bought this beauty to ride around Copenhagen in the Fall. They have two dogs back home that will definitely benefit (and look cool) chillin out in the passenger basket! These bikes were pretty common on the streets of Copenhagen. I even saw an entire family riding in one!
windmills windmills windmills!
Ain't it pretty? Copenhagen was a beautiful city! I want to go back! Thanks for the wonderful hospitality Libby and Emma!

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