Sunday, December 10, 2006

Turkish Night

My housemate, Pinar, is Turkish. As it turns out the Turkish folks have really good food and are excellent dancers. She and a bunch of other Turkish organizers threw a Turkish gathering in Building B. There are four buildings, A, B, C, and D. Each building has approximately 12 stories of people inhabiting it. There is one social recreation room for all four buildings, which happens to be in Building B. None of us have living rooms. I guess whoever was responsible for the construction of this student space did not value social space as much as me, or the Turkish folks. On top of having only one social area, it's always locked. Pinar asked if we could open it last Friday night to have a cultural event because she was interested in making food, playing Turkish music, and spreading Turkish cheer throughout Mikontalo (the four building housing complex). The building manager said "NO!" There are still some things that I don't understand here.

In spite of being harshly rejected by the building manager, the Turks realized that, even though the actual rec room was closed, the corridor outside the rec room was completely available for Turkish Night festivities. And having the event in the corridor included people who would have otherwise had a Turkless evening on their way to do their laundry or play racquetball. I made an effort to recruit these passersby, partly in protest of the building manager's antisocial behavior, but partly because the corridor was kind of a fun place to have Turkish Night.

These are two of Pinar's close friends, as well as some of the main organizers and cooks for the event.

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Laura G said...

Looks like a fun time!