Sunday, December 10, 2006


We are nearing the end of Pikkujoulu season. Pikkujoulu parties are preChristmas parties, often associated with an organization, like work or your soccer team. During Pikkujoulu season there are commonly very drunk people found in slightly unusual places, such as hopping onto the train in the middle of a Monday afternoon, or in the interpretation center of the nuclear power plant. "Oh, there must have been a Pikkujoulu that just finished," everyone says. And then we all act like it's normal to be drunk in these unusual places.These are the pictures of my lab's Pikkujoulu party. As you may have guessed by now, my lab is different than the rest of Finland. This is Sannamari, Sakari, and Tea presenting their new invention that they constructed from materials found in laboratories and offices around the building. I think it was a multiple input device, but I can't remember what it was inputting to. Anyway, we had a Pikkujoulu science project contest at our Pikkujoulu.
Jaakko (standing up in black) was stuck with playing Santa, an important and ubiquitously unwanted position at Pikkujoulu parties. Everyone brought a gift that was originally supposed to cost less than two euros. But then people complained that you can't actually purchase anything in Finland for less than two euros. I jokingly pointed out that you could buy a stick of gum. But someone else countered with "well, it better be a cheap stick of gum," which is almost true here. So we upped it to five euros. It was still kind of hard to get something that was not a potato or a bottle of coca-cola.But we had a lot of fun, that's for sure!

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