Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ice Skating at Night

There may be many more ice skating entries and short films to come. I'm hooked. You can see why: it's beautiful to go out and watch the sun set on the ice.Magda and Dasa tear it up. They're from the Czech and Slovak Republics (respectively). They both started ice skating shortly after learning to walk and can hold their own and their balance on skates!

Those Finns really have ice skating down to an art. There are public, heated changing rooms with a bathroom and a shower. You are welcome to use them to change into your skates or to find refuge and warm up after your little feetsies freeze. You can also get a touch of Finnish graffiti art from this photo.
It was Carnival last week. While we didn't celebrate carnival in Finland, my German neighbor teaches at a Finnish-German elementary school. He tried out his bumble-bee costume on Dasa and me before heading off to school. Holland also has a pretty serious sounding Carnival celebration that I did not know about. According to my Dutch neighbor, it's most crazy south of the River, but his village is one of the few that celebrates in the north. So it gets pretty wild there too. They wear these special jerseys that group people together by shirt color and prevent them from getting lost... or unidentified. The third neighbor in this picture is from Italy. Of course there's a big Carnival celebration there too.

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